radiometric and PV data

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Field Value
Location name Timisoara
GPS Coordinates 45.76N, 21.23E
Restriction to publication no restriction
Author Marius Paulescu
Author Email Marius Paulescu
Maintainer Marius Paulescu
Maintainer Email Marius Paulescu
Keywords solar irradiance
Fixed installation, tilt 30 deg
Fixed installation, azimuth in ° 180
Tracking Mode none
Type of installation free-standing installation
PV module technology c-Si
Total number of PV modules in the system 4
Number of modules connected in one string 2
Number of strings connected to each inverter
Total number of PV strings in the system 2
Laboratories or test sites
Shading no shading
First date of measurements 2019-05-12
Last date of measurements 2019-05-12
Additional information on soiling cleaning at two, three days
Degradation or failure indicators no degradation
Source http://solar.physics.uvt.ro
Version 1.0
Miscellanious data measured at equal time intervals of four seconds